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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Jun 1, 1999  5:13 pm
Subject:  Hooking Into Existing Software

>Wayne writes:
> I have absolutely no idea what is involved in making SignWriter
>accessible to Chinese, Japanese, etc. scripts. I'll pass along what I do
>know, and maybe that will help Rich make decisions about how to prepare
>SignWriter for Chinese input.
> Remember that I'm typing from a Chinese version of Windows 98.


June 1, 1999

Hi Wayne & Everyone on the SignWriting List!

Thank you for your detailed description, Wayne, about typing Chinese
characters. I cannot overwhelm Rich right now with typing other languages
other than signed languages!

And I am sure it is overwhelming for members of the list to learn about
typing Chinese - I myself do not have the time to focus on typing other
languages right now :-)

We will not be developing a way to type Chinese or Japanese or any other
script other than SignWriting. We are only developing a way to type
SignWriting, and that is all.

However, it is my job to make it possible for you to use the SignWriter
computer program WITH your operating system in Taiwan, and WITH the Chinese
version of Windows 98. And there are new programs now that make it possible
to type Chinese and Japanese "in the java programming language" there
may be ways for us to "blend SignWriter with other programs that type other
scripts". This may seem to the user that we know how to type Chinese, but
actually it will be others who developed typing Chinese, not us!

To give you a comparison in the West - we did NOT develop a way to type
German or French. That was already developed long before we existed. But we
DID develop a way to "access German and French" when using the SignWriter
computer program.

So we need to keep our focus solely on SignWriting development right now -
developing a typing tool for over 16 signed languages is enough for me!

You are always welcome to write to me privately about technical details if
you think there is something you feel we should know - I only know that we
will not be getting to typing Chinese this summer!!

Thanks again for everything!

Valerie :-)

Valerie Sutton


The DAC, Deaf Action Committee for SW
Center For Sutton Movement Writing
an educational nonprofit organization
Box 517, La Jolla, CA, 92038-0517, USA

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