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From:  Stuart Thiessen
Date:  Mon Jun 7, 1999  2:30 pm
Subject:  Alternative Programs for SW?

I had a thought over the weekend. Has anyone tried to use a CAD
program or VISIO or something related to do SW? It seemed to me that
the use of "symbol libraries" to do CAD related projects might be
another way to do some SW projects. I am thinking of this more as
something for this interim time before SW 5.0 comes out. Since those
programs are available for Win95/98/NT, Mac, Linux, Unix, etc., you
would likely find something that might work well enough and give the
flexibility desired in printing. Just a thought and wondered if
anyone had tried it or thought of it?

Perhaps also this might be a paradigm that might be useful for the SW
program itself. Maybe some of the code or processes used for CAD
programs could be used in SW 5.0 to provide some of the
functionality. Just a thought.

One last thought related to the whole SW 5.0. It would be nice if
the code that handles the SW processing etc. could be designed as a
library or module so that other programs that would like to use SW as
its language or interface would not have to "re-invent" the wheel
when it comes to the handling of the SW symbols, etc. Since I don't
know how exactly things are being programmed, I can't be more
specific than this. Hopefully, those who understand programming get
the idea of what I mean.

Stuart Thiessen

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