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From:  Penguin Rudd
Date:  Thu May 21, 1998  7:06 pm
Subject:  Re: Introductions?

> Alright, I stood up and told about myself. How about some of the rest
>of you taking your turns? Maybe Valerie should go next and the rest of
>you would follow suit. It isn't like we can just look around the room
>here or ask a friend to introduce us to each other. So far you all seem
>like charming people INCLUDING you non-prescriptive linguists.
>Ben Karlin / St Louis, MO USA


I guess I'll introduce myself.
I'm Penguin Rudd(yup! its my real name) I don't have much of a story, I
am a first year ASL student, I'm not deaf, I just wanted to learn something
new. In the process of taking my first class, I found that I loved Sign
language, so I've decided to continue taking classes. I stumbled across
Valerie's webpage, when I was using the web to do some research for a paper
for my class. Someone had mentioned Signwriting so I decided to investigate.
I am hoping down the road, to be able to learn signwriting as well.
I have joined the list, because I find all of this fascinating.

Well thats about it,

Penguin Rudd Technical Support Engineer
Cygnus Solutions Phone (408)-542-9600 Fax (408)542-9699
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