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From:  "Delamar Weber & Ronice M. Quadros"
Date:  Thu May 21, 1998  7:29 pm
Subject:  Re: Introductions?

Hello everyone from SW List!

I am so happy with our list. SignWriting is really very special and I like the idea to know each other, since we have a thing in common: SignWriting. This is what put us together!
I am Brazilian and my first language is Brazilian Sign Language. I was born in a deaf family very nice. In that time my history began to be related with Deaf Community. I am not deaf, I am hearing and I acquired Portuguese as well. Now, I am learning ASL, English and SignWriting. It is amazing experience!
I have been in USA since August 1997, because I am working in my thesis with Dianne Lillo-Martin at the University of Connecticut. I am analyzing the structure of Brazilian Sign Language and language acquisition.
I also work with Deaf Education in Brazil. Actually, I began to study Linguistics because of the problems with language in Deaf Education. Until now, we try to show people that LIBRAS is a natural  language and has a writing system independent from Portuguese. We have a lot to do in Brazil!
We are beginning some projects. One is related with SignWriting, in which I have been working with Valerie Sutton in the last time. If you want to know about it, visit our web: h006.html
I also am interpreter of LIBRAS and Portuguese. In Brazil we have some groups of interpreters and we are working by ourselves to improve the quality of our work to attend Deaf Community. We do not have courses and training as here in USA.
SignWriting is a grace for me. I always though that we lost a lot when we tried to put in a paper what we were thinking in sign language, because we needed to think in the words of the spoken language. Now, we do not need more this. Smile!
Finally, one thing more, I am marriage with a very special person. He is Delamar Weber and always is giving me support in my projects. He had no relation with Deaf Community until to know me. He is learning some signs. My parents think his signs funny!
That is it!
My name in signs is:

Ronice Müller de Quadros

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