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From:  "Wayne H.Smith"
Date:  Tue Jun 8, 1999  2:07 pm
Subject:  Re: Need Your Advice on SignWriter Menus

Valerie had written:
> > ... I am not sure I understand - is this for java applications, or
> >is it Java script which is different? - Since I am not a programmer I am
> >not sure what it is all about :-)

Greg Noel wrote:
>Sorry, I should have been clearer. It's an implementation technique to
>things like the content of menu entries to be defined very late---even as
>late as runtime. It could be arranged so that different bindings could be
>created, so that the display could be in "international" symbols (they
>aren't, you know), SignWriter pictograms, Egyptian hieroglyphics, or in any
>written language (English, French, Spanish, or even unusual choices like
>British or Urdu).
>Doing something like that may involve additional support mechanisms that it
>may be too late to do for 5.0, but you might want to do it in a future
>Oh, my personal choice is words, no pictures. But then, I've never really
>related to visual stimulus (the explaination is long and boring) and I'm
>aware that others find icons easier than words. That's why I suggest a
>flexible capability.

Wayne Smith writes:
Although I also don't understand what Greg is saying (I don't know what
"bindings" are), it sounds a little like what I was saying earlier about
Chinese characters (which Greg would probably place under the rubric
"unusual choices"). If such does involve "additional support mechanisms"
and would be too late to do for 5.0, then I would be in favor of some sort
of international symbol system alongside English as the default, and then
await Chinese, Urdu, Taiwan Sign Language in SW, etc. menu options in
version 5.1, for example.

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