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From:  Don & Theresa G
Date:  Tue Jun 8, 1999  4:13 pm
Subject:  Re: Another use for SW

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From: James R Womack

>inter-lingual communication access. Indeed, we just might be the
>foreguard to
>a one language one world society. Then there's the international space
>and the lingual problems sure to appear with time. SW is a logical choice

Actually, James, there is a flaw in your optimistic logic. While SW might
be a good choice for international space travel or scuba diving, you have to
remember that people still have to know signs first in order to be able to
understand SW. And then, of course, you have the issue that sign languages
are NOT universal, as we all well know. So, even in we had messages in SW
on a space station, we would have the issue of WHICH sign language to use to
post those messages...

--Donald Grushkin

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