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From:  Paul Cowley
Date:  Thu May 21, 1998  7:29 pm
Subject:  Administrivia - Attachments

Hello Folks.

The possibility of sending SignWriting via e-mail is so much more than
just wishful thinking, it is reality. You can send each other
SignWriting attachments via private e-mail now as long as your mail
program is mime compliant. Most newer programs are and many will allow
you to read SignWriting in-line. (without using and external viewer)

But here is the down side. LISTSERV can handle attachments BUT everyone
must configure your mail distribution options so that mime attachments
are legible and not just a jumble of starnge strange characters. There
is something coming down the pipe regarding this.

DO NOT send attachments via the list.
Repeat DO NOT SEND Attachments via the list.

Sit tight, experiment with private mail and wait to see what is coming
down the pipe.

Up thumb, Paul The Interpreters' Network
Suite 230, 1326 Huron Street, London, Ontario, Canada

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