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From:  Stuart Thiessen
Date:  Fri Jun 25, 1999  7:15 pm
Subject:  Re: Deaf Missions

> I know about these people and I have seen one of their first videos, it was
> signed by Lou Fant, a name familiar to some of you here. They are very
> good, they have a team system with Bible scholars translating from the
> ORIGINAL Hebrew and Greek texts; they're Lutheran I think, if memory hasn't
> failed me, but the work is totally nonsectarian Christian. They've even had
> Jewish translators working on some of the Hebrew-to-ASL translations. I
> would recommend them unhesitatingly for their accuracy and level of
> competence.
Most (if not all) of the people on staff at Deaf Missions are
associated with the Christian church. However, the translation
effort does seem to be a nonsectarian Christian effort. I have seen
some errors in their translation from time to time, but over all,
they seem to be doing a good job.

I did talk with them one time about SignWriting and they were not
very receptive to the idea. They felt it was too complicated, etc,
etc. But that was probably 5 years ago when I talked about it. I
haven't brought it up since because I felt it would be better to see
how SignWriting becomes more accepted and then they may listen.
Perhaps now is a good time to ask about it again.

Stuart Thiessen

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