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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Aug 3, 1999  4:59 am
Subject:  International User's Interface

>Obviously, this would open
>up a Pandora's box if we were to try to include all the variations for all the
>languages/countries on the list.
>Bill Reese


Yes, Bill, you are correct there. I have felt at times overwhelmed with so
many choices of languages for SignWriter 5.0, and so has our programmer,
however, we are half way there now and there is no turning back - hopefully
we will have an international users interface that is real handy for many

If nothing more, it will be one of the most unusual programs ever
-Apparently in other programs, such as Microsoft Word, you can only get one
language at a time. You would have to purchase another version of Microsoft
Word for menus in a new language.

But in the case of SignWriter 5.0, within ONE program, you will be able to
switch from language to language. Our programmer tells me that is so
unusual that he has never heard of another program doing that - so we are
pioneering a new idea in flexible menus.

This has cost more than expected to program, and it has taken longer than I
had planned - but no regrets...hopefully by September the international
users interface will be ready for me to work with. Then I will have the
task of making sure each language's menus are functioning properly etc. In
a couple of years we will forget how much work it was, and just enjoy using

Valerie :-)


Valerie Sutton

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