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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Aug 7, 1999  6:24 pm
Subject:  SignWriting Report August 7, 99

August 7, 1999

Hello SW List!
Here is what is happening with SignWriting right now...

1. Michael Everson in Dublin, Ireland, is working on placing the
SignWriting symbols into the Unicode Character Set, and I will help all I
can to assist him.

2. I am working on moving our SignWriting web sites over to the DeafVision
web server...which is a Deaf owned business. I want to support Deaf
businesses, and they are giving me excellent service!

3. The transfer over to DeafVision is not a small job for me, because it
entails updating our order forms online, to match their server's
software...but it was time that I updated the order forms anyway - so the
move is helping me modernize our web site.

4. When the transfer is completed, I will be working with DeafVision to
reach more of the Deaf Community, since they service over 100 Deaf-run web
sites, and some of those sites would like to use SignWriting on the web now.

5. Once we are established on DeafVision, I am planning to start a second
site just for SignWriting dictionaries online. I hope to build a complete
American Sign Language Dictionary online, and I will be informing the
SignWriting List about the signs added each week etc. I hope to have
dictionaries in other signed languages too, it will be a true
dictionary archive.

6. The SignWriter Computer Program, version 5.0 in java, has been more
expensive to develop than I realized, but we are making good progress. I am
hoping we will have the flexible international interface completed by
summer's end. Then I will have some work on my end before we can release a
beta test version - I have to add more symbols to the symbol set, and I
have to add Menus in Taiwan Sign Language - so I will keep you updated as
to our progress!!

7. The SignWriting Literacy Project is in schools for the deaf this Fall.
Two new schools will be joining the project this fall. I am preparing their
materials now - you will learn more about those schools in about two weeks.

8. We are working on a comparison of SignWriting, HamNoSys and the Stokoe
system, to be placed on the web later this Fall. I am waiting for the
Stokoe version of a few sentences from the Goldilocks story. I have already
received the HamNoSys version of it. Then I will put an article together
and work with a team of people on the project, and then I will post it - it
will be good to have a comparison on the web, which can always be expanded
later too.

I hope to be back up online regularly starting the week of August 23rd,
since the school year is beginning around that time in the USA.

Right now I am working behind the scenes with lots of projects!!

Hope all of you are enjoying your August :-)

Valerie :-)


Valerie Sutton

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