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From:  James R Womack
Date:  Sun Aug 8, 1999  12:45 pm
Subject:  Re: proper names

On Sun, 8 Aug 1999 13:05:12 +0100 Michael Everson

> But say a person speaks only English, and doesn't sign. What do you
> want that person to call the sign language of Nicaragua when speaking
> English?

> Darlene wrote:

> >Thanks so much for saying to leave to Deaf communities to make
> decision with the proper names. It is Deaf's languages that we need to
> our own decisions So, for America....American Sign Language (ASL) is a
> language.

> You can't expect English speakers to call Nicaraguan Sign Language
> "Idioma de Se Q s de Nicaragua". What would you do if Welsh Sign
> existed? You couldn't expect people to call it "Iaith Gymraeg
> IGA", could you? Surely "Japanese Sign Language, JSL" is preferable to
> Shuwa" in English.

If it ain't don't fix it.

> o/ James Womack \o ,
> <| Don't mince words |> __o/
> / > Say what you really think! < \ __\__

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