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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Aug 10, 1999  2:34 pm
Subject:  SW Literacy Project, Fall 99

August 10, 1999

Dear SW List Members...
The school year in the USA and Canada starts in about two weeks. The
SignWriting Literacy Project donates SignWriting materials to schools that
have Deaf students, in return for documented feedback. Here is a general
description of the project:

The SignWriting Literacy Project

The SignWriting Literacy Project is pioneering a new concept in Deaf
Education. SignWriting books, videos and software are donated to classes of
Deaf students. In return, teachers, students and parents provide documented
feedback. The results are published on the SignWriting Web Site and in an
annual SignWriting Literacy Project Report, distributed to educators.

SignWriting is a way to read, write and type any signed language. All
materials donated to the schools are written in American Sign Language
(ASL), authored by Deaf native ASL signers. An English translation of the
original ASL is included with most publications. The SignWriting videos are
taught in ASL with English voice-over. Fluency in reading and writing
American Sign Language is used as a bridge to teach written English.
Although this is a new project, feedback is already coming in, and the
results are positive.

The project began in 1998. Participating schools are the Albuquerque Public
Schools in New Mexico, Caldwell Elementary School in Kansas, Jordan
Vocational High School in Georgia, Robarts School for the Deaf in Canada,
Texas School for the Deaf, Lower School in Austin, Texas, a private tutor
with a class of Deaf students in Canada, and two homeschools in the USA. A
new school, the George Washington School in Troy, New York state, will be
added in the Fall semester, 1999.

Would you like your school to participate? Your students must be Deaf
signers, with some knowledge of American Sign Language.

If your school is located in a country that does not use American Sign
Language, and you are willing to translate the materials into your signed
language in SignWriting, we will be happy to help you as much as possible.
It is a large job, but well worth it!

Write for more information:

The SignWriting Literacy Project
The DAC, Deaf Action Committee For SignWriting
P.O. Box 517, La Jolla, CA, 92038-0517, USA


Valerie :-)


Valerie Sutton

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