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From:  Leonardo Mahler
Date:  Wed May 27, 1998  7:04 pm
Subject:  Re: Two-Way SW Dictionaries

Valerie Sutton wrote:

> Hello Leonardo!
> As you
> know Sutton's Sign-Symbol-Sequence creates categories of looking up by
> SignWriting symbols - and it is not only based on looking up by handshape,
> but also by movements and facial expressions, depth and height and many
> other factors that come into the picture, when you are developing software.

Yes, any symbol that represents a word will need to have a code associated...
you make the symbol, you have implicit the code, adn with this You can look the

> So the task became overwhelming from a computer programming perspective,
> and that particular part of the software never got, at this
> time, SignWriter 4.3 only looks up by eight spoken languages.

Yes, we percept that implement a "Sign-Symbol-Sequence" isnīt simple, but our
ojective is can implement this.

> That does not mean that we did not want to look up by
> only means we had the frustration of not
> completing the software. Meanwhile, another programmer, Mike Ogawa, gave us
> a mini-Macintosh program for looking up by Sign-Symbol-Sequence, but that
> is not used any longer as it needed more work too. Funny - I thought of
> that the other was called SignBank I and II. SignBank I looked up
> by words. SignBank II looked up by symbols. BUT...they never were completed
> :-(

Ok! This software (SignBankII) should be very good for us. Itīs not completed,
we can have a idea of how start this...Dou you have this software? Can you
send it
to us? Itīs possible?Do you have the source code?(oh no, another time...:)).

> So the answer is NO...unfortunately right now our software doesn't do
> two-way dictionaries - Maybe you can develop this?

Itīs our intention because our chat will need the two-way consult on
dictionary...Thank very much, Leonardo MAhler.

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