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From:  "Joseph P. and Connie M. Riolo"
Date:  Wed May 27, 1998  10:41 pm
Subject:  Any "curriculum" for learning SignWriting?


I am supposed to introduce myself when Ben Karlin asked everyone to
introduce themselves but at that time, I rather wanted to be a lurker
<grin>. Anyway, I live in East Stroudsburg, PA with my wife and two
sons, all deaf. We are the only deaf people in all of our known
relatives. I work as a computer programmer at U.S. Army at Picatinny
Arsenal, NJ and my wife is homemaker. I graduated from Marie H.
Katzenbach School for the Deaf at Trenton, NJ in 1980 and my wife
graduated from California School for the Deaf in Fremont in 1981.
Both of my sons go to Scranton State School for the Deaf (SSSD).

Today, my wife and I had the IEP meetings with the teachers at
SSSD. (IEP stands for Individualized Education Plan and it is
required for all "special needs" students in the U.S. It is
a plan of what the students, that is, my sons, will learn and
how their needs can be met.) At the end of each IEP meeting
(one for each of my sons), I mention to the teachers about the
SignWriting and suggest that they can supplement some light
activities on the SignWriting to their educational plans.
The Director of Treatment and Services (a title that covers
many areas) there said that he will take a look at it but
needs some kind of "curriculum" on how to proceed with
the activities on SignWriting. This is where I am stuck

So, I am asking you if you have any "curriculum" that you
can share with me. Then, I can give them to the director.
I tried to look for it in the Literacy Project but could not
find it. Maybe, I missed something. (By the way, I doubt that
they want to join the Literacy Project. While it is a big
project, I am hoping that anyone can suggest a kind of "mini-

I realize that this may be a difficult request to be fulfilled
but it is better to ask than never to ask.

Many thanks,

Joseph Pietro Riolo

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