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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Aug 16, 1999  10:40 pm
Subject:  Re: How many signers in the world?

>Hi Valerie,
>I thought the 2% refered to the percent of Deaf people, not the percent that
>actually sign. In many countries with low income and strong family ties and
>social classes many of the Deaf do not interact with other Deaf people and
>therefore don't learn a sign language.
>Russell Johnson


Hi Russell and Everyone -
I just completed my meeting with one of the board members of the Parker
Foundation here in San Diego. The meeting went very well. They helped fund
a portion of the programming of SignWriter 5.0 this summer, and they are
interested in the future of SignWriting.

I wrote a 22 page report and in the beginning I had a write-up using some
statistics, but I "softened" those statistics, and said that generally,
anyone who uses a signed language can benefit from using SignWriting,
whether they be Deaf or hearing.

As you say above, not all Deaf people sign, but a lot do, and hearing
people do too - so it still might me 2% that sign...just not all of them

Val :-)

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