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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Aug 17, 1999  1:52 am
Subject:  Re: first steps in SW


On Mon, 16 Aug 1999, Stefan Woehrmann from Germany wrote:

>That would be great. Right now I'm busy to prepare the first forms. I
>contacted the headmaster of our school. I explained my idea of combining
>signwriting-symbols within the writing and reading course for my little
>pupils. Maybe that these kids would take advantage of a combination of
>written words in German and the specific sign-symbols in Signwriting instead
>of photographs or paintings or signing word by word (=LBG - Lautsprach
>begleitende Gebaerden) live in that situation.

>He listened to me carefully and agreed with my plans. He asked me very
>clearly to make sure that our school hasn't to pay any money for using the
>materials. I explained the procedure of Your literacy project - and assured
>that I will write the reports concerning our experiences with your SignWriting
>-project. What counts in the end is that I feel much better. I would like
>to share my experiences with other colleagues in the world. I am fascinated
>and eager to work with you in a team to introduce SW in Germany.
>Do you realize that your kind influence in your letters is doing good?
>In my dreams we will influence many many deaf pupils, students, parents -
>teachers and really help to strengthen deaf culture and to help deaf
>pupils to make
>better progress in reading and writing.


Hi Stefan!

Thank you for this great message.... Your school will be the first in
Germany to join the SignWriting Literacy Project. Welcome!!

Of course, it is quite a different project for schools outside the USA and
English-speaking Canada, since the materials we donate to schools are
written in American Sign Language. You will have the large job of either
translating our materials into German and German Sign Language, or writing
your own materials. Either way, it may take some time...on the other hand,
your students might really enjoy doing the translations themselves and
might find it quite inspiring to develop their own SignWriting
materials....a great class project!

I am glad your school's headmaster approves of the project...that will
really be a help to you. Will there be other teachers using SignWriting at
your school this Fall?

(in sunny San Diego :-)

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