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From:  Wayne Smith
Date:  Tue Aug 17, 1999  10:12 am
Subject:  Re: How many signers in the world?

Dear SW List -
The number we usually throw around in Taiwan is 40,000 Deaf people out
of a total population of about 21,000,000. Actually, that number was based
on the old .2 percent of the population being Deaf. I believe the figure
you were thinking about, Valerie, was .2 percent. *Two* percent would be
one out of every fifty people! I don't think so. One out of every 500
people sounds about right.

- Wayne

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> > How many people in the world (both Deaf and hearing) use a signed
> > Does anyone know the current statistics?
>I believe that the figure for the UK is 30,000 users of BSL. How the figure
>was derived I don't know. The CACDP, who are responsible for certification
>of signers here, may be able to tell you more.
> > I am writing a report to a foundation, and I need the statistic for the
> > report....
> >
> > A long time ago I read that approximately 2% of the world's population
> > a signed language, but I wonder if that is true?
>It's reckoned that 1:7 of the population has some form of hearing
>impairment, which gives 10,000,000 people tops. It includes Deaf and HoH
>people. Nowhere near that number use sign.
>Regards, Trevor
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