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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Aug 17, 1999  2:08 pm
Subject:  Re: How many signers in the world?

James Womack wrote:

>> A long time ago I read that approximately 2% of the world's
>> population uses a signed language, but I wonder if that is true?
>See what I mean? It's actually larger than that, but then again, if you
>are talking about only naturally evolved languages, the % drops, true.


August 17, 1999

Hi James and Everyone...
Thanks for your great listing of other groups that use signs to
communicate, other than the Deaf Community. Some of your listing included
general "body language", but SignWriting can write that too.

I am trying to find a statistic of all of the people in the world who might
benefit from using SignWriting...and that is not only Deaf communities, but
also people like the Norwegian princess, whom Ingvild had mentioned, who
knows a "smattering" of signs. Even the princess might want to jot down a
sign quickly in SignWriting, so she won't forget the sign later...

So in this report, I was trying to point out "generally" how much of the
world's population might benefit from writing signs down on paper -
including hearing students learning signs in college.

The number, however, is clearly elusive...

Valerie ;-)

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