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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Aug 17, 1999  3:38 pm
Subject:  Printing SW on A4 paper size

Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
>In addition to that the printer has problems with the lenght of each page .
>The page-number is printed at the top of the next page and then the printer
>catches the next page ?=)()=? I tried several different entries- without any
>success. In the end I got a print out from another computer (HP 690c)


August 17, 1999

Hi Stefan and everyone...

This is really important ...the SignWriter Shareware that is available for
download from our SignWriting Web Site is not setup to print on A4 paper
size that is used in Germany! That is why you are having trouble printing

The Shareware is only "the ASL version of SignWriter", and because most USA
and Canadian users use the US-Letter-Size paper, the printing program for
the ASL version is only available for the US paper size.

BUT.... an "A4 version of SignWriter" does exist - we call that our
International version of SignWriter, and usually it is purchased in a
package - with a notebook with five manuals and 7 floppy disks :-)

You can read about this on our SignWriting Web Site:

International SignWriter Package (both US and A4 paper sizes)

Download Shareware (ASL only) (US paper size only)

For the other SignWriting Literacy Project participants, I ask them to
download the ASL shareware, since most participants use ASL. But in your
rare case, I will send you the international package later, so that your
paper size issues are solved!!!

The printer that finally worked for you was probably setup to print on US
letter size paper anyway...

Valerie ;-)

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