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From:  Martin 'Lolly' Lorenz
Date:  Wed Aug 18, 1999  2:58 pm
Subject:  Re: sign writing principles?


What you, Valerie Sutton wrote to me. received Wed, Aug 18 at 16:28 CEST
|> Thanks for all your messages...there a lot of great ones. And Martin,
|> thanks for your questions about developing a human-computer-interface with
|> SignWriting. That sounds like exciting work.
i am afraid you missunderstood my problem...

the actual question i have is about the
underlying principles of SignWriting and
maybe any other system for writing down
sign languages (HamNoSys for example)

are there any problems, that make writing a sign language
more difficult than writing spoken languages in (roman) letters?

what are the problems, that make writing signlanguages
more difficult than writing oral language.
...what i guess is, that the 4th dimension introduced
through space in sign language makes it more difficult to
transpose it to the 2-dimensional paper.

is there a principle rule followed by SignWriting"

i also wonder if the SignWriting system is (as it seems
for me) somehow related to chinese script.

to me it seems that both are somehow logographic.

thanks a lot for the links
i will have a look.

thanks a gain ;-)
and greets from vienna/austria
Martin "Lolly" Lorenz

Microsoft, I think, is fundamentally an evil company.

the more daring thing mostly is
to question the known
than to explore the unknown

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