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From:  Antonio Carlos da Rocha Costa
Date:  Thu Aug 19, 1999  8:01 pm
Subject:  Re: sign writing principles?

> I think the
>query is better phrased: "What are the characteristics that make
writing a
>sign language EASIER than writing spoken languages in roman

Yes and no. I feel the question originally meant writing signs in a
computer. Today's computer technology makes it much easier to write
spoken languages in roman letters (just use the keyboard).

But it is a little more dificult to write spoken languages in other
alfabets. Look, for instance, the present effort made by computer
manufacturers to get better position in the japanese, chinese and
arab markets by looking for better means to edit texts in computers
in those languages.

To me, there seems to be no basic technical difficulty to use
computers with sign languages writen in HamNoSys (it uses a linear
representation of simple characters).

SignWriting, on the other hand, requires graphical resources and
easy ways of making them available to the computer user.

Answering the original question: to me, there is no fundamental
dificulty in making computers interact in sign languages writen in
SignWriting. It's just a matter of producing useful softwares and
practical interfaces (which doesn't means its a simple matter...).

Antonio Carlos

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