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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Aug 19, 1999  9:10 pm
Subject:  Re: sign writing principles?

> Answering the original question: to me, there is no fundamental
>dificulty in making computers interact in sign languages writen in
>SignWriting. It's just a matter of producing useful softwares and
>practical interfaces (which doesn't means its a simple matter...).
> Antonio Carlos


Hi Antonio Carlos -
Thanks for this point, which is important...yes...SignWriting can be typed
by computer...

For those new SignWriting List members, it probably sounds like it can't be
done...when actually it has already been accomplished with the SignWriter
Computer Program, which can be downloaded for free from our web site.

That is the very reason why James Shepard-Kegl feels it is easy to write
and type in SignWriting, because James has typed volumes of Nicaraguan Sign
Language documents in SignWriting with the SignWriter Computer Program, and
it is second nature to him.

But developing the SignWriter Computer Program, which James is using, was
another story...It was very complicated and difficult to develop, and we
are still working on improving the program, with our new java version of

Meanwhile programmers like Antonio Carlos, and others, are working on new
ways to approach SW computerization together great progress is
being made...Brazil seems to be one of the leading countries in new and
improved ways of typing SignWriting...

Valerie ;-)

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