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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Aug 20, 1999  4:36 pm
Subject:  Re: Acronyms (one last time :-)

> My point is that people setting standards have no business
>furthering the dominance of one language group over another by setting one
>up as the "default" for that country. I would suggest that wherever there
>is a country with more than one signed language, or a SL with more than
>one dialect, that ALL signed varieties be expressed with a suffix, so
>"Canadian Sign Language" would be "sgn-CA-eng" to show that it is usually
>spoken by people connected with the English Canadian cultures.
> Angus B. Grieve-Smith


Angus -
Yes...The misimpression about Canada actually came from the original
listing the SIL put out...they listed something called Canadian Sign
Language, when actually there are at least two signed languages used
generally in Canada: English-speaking Canada uses American Sign Language
(ASL) and French-speaking Canada uses French Canadian Sign Language (LSQ).

For example, our SignWriting Literacy Project is in ASL, and we service
schools for the Deaf in both the USA and English-speaking Canada - one of
our biggest schools has been Robarts School for the Deaf in London,
Ontario, Canada, and all their materials are written in ASL.

But thanks for bringing this up, and I am sure the problem of listing
dialects can be solved - thanks for your suggestions...

Valerie ;-)

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