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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Aug 26, 1999  1:32 pm
Subject:  Color Coding...

Kathy Akehurst wrote:
>I think the colour coding is a wonderful thing but I do not think it should
>be carried over to the Goldilocks storybooks for the very reasons you
>mentioned. The idea is to try to get this into the 'mainstream' and, as
>with newspapers, etc., it will (more than likely) be used in black on white
>when it becomes more common to see SW all over.


Welcome home, Kathy! I hope you had a good trip. Many thanks for your
replies to all my questions.....I do appreciate it.

For those who are new to the SignWriting List, Kathy Akehurst is one of the
teachers of the SignWriting Literacy Project. Her message is referring to
the following publication, which was presented to her class of 7 native
signers last Spring:

Learn To Read
American Sign Language in SignWriting

Kathy's group was the first to test the "Learn To Read" series. It was
published in April, 99. So Kathy's feedback means a lot to me, since it is
a new publication and we need to iron out any problems...I also
experimented with new ideas, such as color coding, and Kathy's group was
the first to test that.

It includes a video in ASL, an instruction manual and two storybooks
written in SignWriting....

So, anyway, thanks for your feedback, Kathy, on the color coding. I will
use the color coding in the instruction manual, but keep the SW text in the
storybooks in black ink...

So that got decided!!

More soon -

Valerie ;-)

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