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From:  Joe Martin
Date:  Fri Aug 27, 1999  7:28 am
Subject:  Re: SW courses on the internet

Private tutoring would likely be prohibitively expensive, but I for one
would be willing to pay for much less than that. I'd love to be given
some example sentences illustrating important points, translate them
myself into SW, and than be given a correct transcription to compare mine
against. No more than that. It could be done over e-mail, with the SW
portion in .sgn files; pretty easy to do if people want it.

> ------------------------------
> On Tues, 24 Aug, Valerie wrote;
> Hello Stefan and SignWriting List Members -
> This is a very good question, Stefan, and something that has been on my
> mind for sometime. I have heard of people taking courses by computer - not
> in SignWriting - but in other subjects. We could try to establish ongoing
> courses in SignWriting on the would you all suggest that we
> set it up? Have any of you ever taken courses by email, or via the web?
> Let us imagine for one moment that one of our Deaf DAC staff members has
> time to teach such a course. The students would pay the DAC. We could set
> up an order form for enrollment on the SignWriting Web Site, and payment
> could be done through credit card. Or they can fax their information to me,
> and then they would be enrolled.
> We could offer two internet courses: "Introduction to SignWriting" and
> "SignWriting Basics". The students would maybe have four hours of writing
> assignments with each course, and the teacher would give the assignments,
> and then the students would write them and "turn them in" by email, and the
> teacher would correct and comment on them later.
> How much do you think such a course should cost? and would any of you be
> interested in such a course?
> We could even setup private tutoring over the internet this way ...then the
> private student could focus on their specific needs....
> Valerie ;-)

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