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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Aug 31, 1999  1:34 pm
Subject:  Re: SW Materials at London Conference

Valerie wrote:
>On September 4-6, there will be a conference held in London, specifically
>on Sign Language development with an emphasis on handling Sign Language
>data. Bencie Woll told me about the conference, so I then offered to send
>some basic SignWriting instruction flyers to the 25 today
>I shipped a big box of 25 rather thick packets....


August 31, 1999

Hello SignWriting List!
In regards to the conference held in London, I have received requests for
information about it.

Bencie Woll directed me to a web page for the conference:


I enjoyed visiting the web page - it sounds like an interesting and
important conference :-)

Valerie ;-)

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