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From:  James R Womack
Date:  Tue Aug 31, 1999  12:08 pm
Subject:  Re: Glossing vs. SignWriting

On Mon, 30 Aug 1999 18:27:35 -0700 Valerie Sutton

> James Womack wrote:
> >1. English glossing actually confused Deaf kids trying to learn
> >English where ASL is "written" to provide contrast in grammar etc.
> >(but it better than nothing). Too many kids that "it isn't English
> >but it's English?" dumbfounded look for good reason.

> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

> James -
> This is important there a published study on
> glossing and its effects on Deaf children?

I'm not sure. I can only speak from 20 years of experience
in teaching Deaf youths. However, I do seem tohave a vague
recollection of either Steve Nover ro Sam Supalla mentioning this
some years back. I am looking for printed material on this as I think
there was at least one study done on this and printed in the AAD.

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