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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Sep 5, 1999  10:17 pm
Subject:  Award for web design


September 5, 1999

Dear SW List -
Hope you all are happy and are doing well :-)

This is a holiday weekend here in the US - Labor Day Weekend. It gives me a
chance to start doing some web design again. Then on Tuesday, when the
teachers and students are back in school, a lot of messages will be this is the calm before the storm!!

Back on June 29th, our SignWritingSite was given the SunSet Web Designer's

SignWritingSite receives
Designer's Award

"We are a web site design
and graphic art
firm. One of our clients
has listed your
site as a "hot link" for
other Internet
surfers and has nominated
you for a
Sunset Award. We have
viewed your web
site and are pleased to
award you with the
Sunset Gold Award for
graphics and web

Dawn M. Torrence
CEO, Sunset Web Design

I have now posted the award on the opening page of our SignWritingSite at:

Next I will be working on the new web pages for the new schools that are
participating in the SignWriting Literacy Project -

Have a wonderful Monday, and I will be emailing on Tuesday!!

Valerie ;-)

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