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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Tue Sep 14, 1999  9:14 pm
Subject:  Re: Announcing: SignBank Database Online

Dear Valerie,

I just had a look at this new SignBank Database Online -
I love it. That would help a lot to look for SW symbols that I need for my
translations in DGS.
There are quite a few signs that can be taken for DGS as well. As soon as
this dictionary grows it would be a big help.

Perhaps we could add some signs to the list that are needed -

Interestingly enough - it is "help" what all of us need - a most important
sign. :-) The various possibilities are written in SW. ;-)

If there is something I can do for you sometimes - please let me know!

Hopefully I do get help in the very beginning. Perhaps there is somebody on
the SW-list who could have a critical look at my first steps in SW? Would be


>1. to add lots of ASL signs (we only have a few online right now) and...
>2. to add other databases from other countries...I want SignBank to be
How can I do that ? (numbers in DGS for example, or signs that a signed
similar in DGS and ASL )?

>So I hope you will visit the new SignBankSite and tell me what you think!

It ħħ great!

Best -

Stefan ;-)

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