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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Sep 29, 1999  6:54 pm
Subject:  Re: King James Bible in ASL/SignWriting

September 29, 1999

Hello Everyone, and thanks Jerry, for your instructions, which are pasted
below. The instructions explain how to download Bible passages written in
ASL, in SignWriting.

This was lots of work for both Pastor Dettloff and his team, and Jerry
Spillman doing the web thanks for making this available to us

For those of you downloading to a I do can read all
of these files, if you use SoftPC or VirtualPC or if you have an IBM card
built into your Macintosh, as I do. I just went up on the web and
downloaded Fetch, which is a Macintosh program that makes it possible to
download files using FTP. But one word of caution...when you are
downloading the files, be sure to check "BINARY MODE" while you are in
Fetch. The .SGN files that you are downloading are not TEXT files, because
they are written in SignWriting, and are considered "graphics" by your

I made this mistake myself the first time I downloaded them as TEXT files.
When I opened them in the SignWriter Computer Program, they came in as
"grabage". But when I downloaded again, using BINARY or graphics mode, they
came in beautifully.

So enjoy reading the Bible passages!!

Best -



On September 28, 1999, Jerry Spillman wrote:

>Dear Valerie and List,
>For those of you whom are using SignWriter 4.3, we have placed our files
>from Pastor Dettloff and The Deaf Church in an FTP server, from which
>you should be able to download the files to your computer, using FTP.
>To receive files directly via your browser, simply click on the listed
>link on this page:
>Or, one can order the files by using anonymous FTP, using your e-mail
>address for password, at:
>where filename.ext is the DOS filename of the file you desire to
>receive. You can find the filename and what it relates to on the above
>named site.
>I apologize to those of you who have tried in the past two weeks to
>receive files, but were unable. We were having difficulty on the UNIX
>side of the server, and this has been corrected so that both the link
>and anonymous FTP should give you access.
>Jerry Spillman ,


Valerie ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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