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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Sep 30, 1999  2:53 am
Subject:  16 Fingerspelling Keyboards Online

September 29, 1999

Dear SW List -
I am happy to announce that I have now placed all 16 Fingerspelling
Keyboard designs online:

Fingerspelling, Belgium-French

Fingerspelling, Brazil

Fingerspelling, Denmark

Fingerspelling, France

Fingerspelling, Germany

Fingerspelling, Ireland

Fingerspelling, Italy

Fingerspelling, Mexico

Fingerspelling, Nicaragua

Fingerspelling, Norway

Fingerspelling, Portugal

Fingerspelling, Spain-Madrid

Fingerspelling, Sweden

Fingerspelling, Switzerland-German

Fingerspelling, UK

Fingerspelling, USA



Valerie Sutton

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Box 517, La Jolla, CA, 92038-0517, USA

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