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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Sep 30, 1999  5:53 pm
Subject:  New SW Project in Peru

September 30, 1999

Dear SignWriting List:

I am happy to announce that there is now an official SignWriting Literacy
Project in Lima, Peru.

The project has two branches. It will be taught at a school for Deaf
children in Lima, by teacher Susana Stiglich. Susana is Deaf herself, a
native of Peru, and a graduate of Gallaudet University. I understand Susana
is fluent in four languages...Spanish, English, Peruvian Sign Language and
American Sign Language.

It will also be taught to Deaf adults in Lima, by teacher Juliana Palmer.

Susana has already started the big job of translating our materials into
Spanish and Peruvian Sign Language. And I met with Juliana Palmer about a
week ago, and Juliana left with a pile of SignWriting books under her
arm....I wonder how she will carry all that home to Lima?! (smile :-) is the letter from the school's director, where Susana Stiglich


August 23, 1999

Centro de Educacion Especial
La Segrada Familia
Audicion y Lenguaje
Jr. San Martin 385
Magdelena del Mar, Lima, Peru

To whom it may concern.

I direct myself to greet you and at the same time inform you about our
schoool that is a public school for the deaf and speech and language
problems. The school serves in the grades of preschool, elementary and
high school.

The motive of this letter is requesting for you to send us in form of
donation the complete literacy project.

With this letter, again I would like to greet you and express our sincerest
thanks and appreciation for your attention in our dear children.

Senora Lidia Samame Fernandez
Director Cee N-14, La Segrada Familia




Valerie Sutton

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