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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Sep 30, 1999  5:54 pm
Subject:  Teacher's Report from Peru

To: SignWriting List
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 21:26:51 +0000
Subject: Web Report #1

Web Report #1 from:

Susana Stiglich,
Deaf Teacher of Deaf Children
CEE # 14 "La Sagrada Familia"
San Martin 285, Magdalena, Lima, Peru

1. Why do you want to learn SignWriting?

I have received many positive comments on SignWriting and would like
very much to learn it. As a teacher, I always look for new tools for
learning language, and I believe SignWriting will encourage kids
write more and become more interested in language.

2. What have been some of your past frustrations when teaching?

As I am an early childhood teacher and currently teach two and three
year olds. I havent children over the age of five.

3. Are you hoping that SignWriting might help? If so, in what way?

I am very hopeful that SignWriting will be an important tool for our
teachers in the school. The teachers often come up to me asking me
how to say this in sign, or what does this sign mean. SignWriting
will motivate the children to write, and teachers will be more
involved in learning sign language, and children into writing.

4. The SignWriting Teacher's Forum has a free web page for you and your
students, to use in anyway you wish. How would you like to use your
web page?

I believe we will do use this web page to post childrens, asignments,
post opinions, our learning experience using SignWriting and posting
opinions. First we will need to become familiar using the web.

5. Please write any other information about your group that you would like
to share.

We will be very honored to start using the SignWriting project. Our
school lacks resources and this will be innovative for us to use. We
are very excited. We will try to post pictures on the web of our
school and kids for you to see.

6. We agree, as a group, to complete three Web Reports in return for the
SignWriting materials and technical support you donate to us. We understand
that this report and all other reports will become public information and
will be posted to the SignWriting Email List and posted on the SignWriting
Web Site. You have our full permission to use the information as needed.

Please send SignWriting materials for ___35____number of teachers
and___170_____number of students.

Thank you for considering us for your project.

Susana Stiglich
CEE # 14 "La Sagrada Familia"
San Martin 285
Magdalena, Lima

Susana Stiglich , Sept. 28, 1999
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Valerie Sutton

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