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From:  James Womack
Date:  Fri Oct 1, 1999  9:56 am
Subject:  Re: Question About Epson Printers

"Angus B. Grieve-Smith" wrote:

In May Cecelia Flood had trouble getting printers that
> properly from the Albuquerque Public Schools. We went around to various
> used computer stores in Albuquerque, and were able to find some old Epson
> dot matrix printers for around $30 apiece, if I remember right.

Another option is to visit the website of the manufactorer to see
if theyh ave drivers
online you can download. I apologize for not remembering right
now, but once I stumbled
on a website that probably would be the most helpful. It was a
site maintained by some guy
who seems to be a collector of sorts. the site had drivers for
both modern stuff and
stuff you don't even see around anymore. This included printers.
The reason I remember
it now is that I was looking for a driver for someone's old
Citizen printer and found it.
In the process, I saw many outdated printer drivers. But since I
didn't really need the site
for myself, I never did record where it was. Perhaps using a
search engine and the terms:
printer drivers, driver center, drivers, or printers might lead
you to this site. Also,
Windows (basically a DOS shell) had a universal driver that ran
most printers. Another option,
if you can find it at one of those used stores or someplace, get
ahold of an old DOS wordprocessor
like Professional Write 2.0 or even WordPerfect 4.2. They had
many drivers on them that fit most
printers of the time. And finally, Canon 620 and 4550 printers
have DOS specific drivers which
I was told can emulate or force emulation from other printers.
Now, this I can't vouch for.
I never tried it, I am skeptical, but you seem a bit desperate,
so. . . .

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