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From:  "Udut, Kenneth"
Date:  Wed Oct 6, 1999  6:54 pm
Subject:  Writing vs Drawing

An interesting analogous situation arises in English-speaking
Russian Orthodox Christian circles...

Icons are religious pictures, representations, images of
the one portrayed.

Now, the problem/debate over whether icons are painted, drawn or
written is exclusively an English debate, for the word used for
the creation of an icon can mean to etch or to write.

So, there are many who insist that icons are written, and
attach theological importance to that.

But what that points to, is what someone mentioned before,
I think Joe, is the importance that English speakers place
on 'writing' as somehow superior to 'drawing'.

Find an English speaking Orthodox Christian and ask
whether or not Icons are written or drawn. You'll
probably find a strong opinion :-)

[as for me, it doesn't matter what word is used - saying
"written" sounds more classy to my American ear, but
saying etched or painted or drawn, is the same to me as
well, for all are forms of communicating what's
trapped inside of the mind and putting it on
some sort of physical surface]


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