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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Oct 6, 1999  5:29 pm
Subject:  Re: writing & drawing

>Well, an amusing thought indeed. If the alphabet was originally drawn
>pictures then were does that leave the discussion. Although the key to that
>is your speaking of a written language.
>Dawn McReynolds


I think it is just a matter of semantics...some people connect the word
"drawing" with art, and they connect the word "writing" with language - so
it is just a choice of words.

The reason I like to use the word "writing" is that I am trying to
encourage people to understand that SignWriting is a true writing system
with the ability to write grammar and structure that comes with a real
language - it is not just "painting a picture"...

It is more a psychological thing than anything else - Some people are
afraid that others will frown on a "visual writing system" because it is
like "drawing" - that kind of criticism is not happening as much now,
because our culture has become more visually oriented - but in the mid
1980's people were real frightened of visual writing systems - they were
afraid if they used it, others would think they were "unsophisticated".



Valerie Sutton

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