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From:  The Watsons
Date:  Sun Jun 7, 1998  11:33 pm
Subject:  Re: Younger Language?

Erin Wilkinson wrote:

>According to Birketon, he said that language was intended to represent
>the symbolic images in our minds, then the second level in the process
>of language's function is to stimulate communication.
Yes, I understand this hypothesis.

>I think Dan(?) Birketon's point is very interesting because he
>argues that humans symbolize everything (like metalanguage) before
>the physical and more concrete forms develop which reflects upon
>our communication systems.

And I get this bit too.

> So, hymophonys probably are the results
>of major and massive fusion of morphological and phonological changes,
>but the bottom line according to Birketon's Roots of Language, it does
>not matter because we still can separate them among our ability to
>symbolize and distinguish them.

But I've read and re-read this bit and I'm afraid I still don't know what it
means. I'm interested now, and I don't wish to be rude (but I shall be anyway),
but could someone please explain this in English?! (I am not conversant in


Shiona M Watson

Acton, Ontario

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