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From:  Delora Parks
Date:  Wed Oct 13, 1999  3:01 am
Subject:  Re: New to List

In a message dated 10/12/99 7:27:28 PM Eastern Daylight Time,

<< We live in Falls Church, Virginia and so we started at the Galludet web
site. Sharminta is a freshman this year and just turned 14. She really
likes her sign language class. She has always been interested in signing
but never had the opportunity to learn until this year. She is also playing
JV Volleyball for her school and is a Competitive Gymnast. >>

Nice to meet you Susan :) I, too, live in Falls Church (small world, ehh?)
and took 2yrs of ASL when I was in HS. I currently attend George Mason
University, which doesn't offer ASL, and am in a constant battle with them to
allow me to attend NOVA (Northern VA Community College) to attend ASL classes
to count as my Foreign Language requirements.

I hope your daughter enjoys her classes!

Delora Parks

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