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From:  Fernando Capovilla
Date:  Thu Oct 14, 1999  6:04 pm
Subject:  Dictionaries of different countries

Dear Stefan,We will be glad in helping you as soon as we conclude the
We have finished sign revision and are working hard on SignWriting revision
right now.
The info load is huge, but Valerie is kindly helping us, and we are almost
there. :-)
Fernando and crew

> Assunto: Dictionaries of different countries
> Data: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 13:48:32 PDT
> De: Stefan Woehrmann
> Hello to all friends of the SW- list,
> My name is Stefan Woehrmann, Im doing this SW-literacy project here in
> Germany. I would like to ask you - who have build up SW dictionaries in
> your countries, wether you can share your dictionaries with me. I made the
> experience that browsing through the dictionaries is a big help to add
> quickly some signs to my DGS dictionary which is just a newborn baby ( 2
> days) (smile!)
> If you have already given parts of your dictionaries to Valerie be so kind
> to give permission to her to distribute them.
> As soon as I have piled up DGS signs written in SW I will share them with
> you - no problem. As a beginner I would appriciate all kinds of constructive
> feed-back.
> Stefan
> -------------------------------
> Assunto: Re: Dictionaries of different countries
> Data: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 18:31:45 -0700
> De: Valerie Sutton
> Dear SignWriting List -
> I hope there are some people with dictionary files that would be willing to
> share their files....
> The reason for the .dic and the .din? The SignWriter Computer Program
> creates two files, everytime one dictionary is started. The .dic file
> stores the signs written in SignWriting. The .din stands for "dictionary
> index" and stores the words, like English or German. So you need both files
> to access a dictionary. You can look in your SW directory in MS-DOS, and
> you will notice that each dictionary has those two files.
> So...if any of you have a dictionary file that you are willing to share,
> send the .dic and .din, either to Stefan or to me. In time, we could even
> post dictionary files for anyone to download from our web site. That would
> be a good idea.
> I know that dictionary work is very detailed and difficult work, and there
> are always imperfections in all dictionaries. That is why I released our
> little ASL dictionary anyway - I know it is not perfect. But at least it
> gives someone like Stefan something to start with...and I figure in time we
> can make the dictionaries better.
> So I hope to hear from some dictionary authors out there!!
> Many thanks in advance, for your contributions :-)
> Val ;-)

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