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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Oct 15, 1999  2:02 pm
Subject:  Re: Dictionaries of different countries

>Dear Stefan,We will be glad in helping you as soon as we conclude the
>We have finished sign revision and are working hard on SignWriting
>revision right now.
>The info load is huge, but Valerie is kindly helping us, and we are almost
>there. :-)
>Fernando and crew


October 15, 1999

Hello Fernando and Crew!
That is so sweet of you, to respond to Stefan's request. Actually Stefan is
not requesting a finished dictionary at all, nor will he be using it for
learning Brazilian signs...confusing, isn't it?!

So don't feel pressured to finish your important work in Brazil...take your
time and do it right.

Stefan is asking for something totally different....he only wants the .dic
and .din files now...not because he wants to learn Brazilian signs, but
because he wants to learn to read SignWriting in general, so from there he
can create his own German Sign Language dictionary file. So he doesn't care
if the files are perfect or not.

It is an interesting phenomenon, that reading a dictionary from one signed
language, would help a person create a dictionary in another signed
language...I never thought of that before myself....but that is what is

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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