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From:  Mike and Caroline Hines
Date:  Sun Oct 17, 1999  11:09 pm

Hello !
I am new to the sign writing list.   Its very interesting reading all the different messages.
I had read some info about sign writing about 18 years ago when I had been new to interpreting.  I thought it was very interesting but most people in my area wernt too keen on the idea.  So I put my old sign writing workbook on the shelf.  
Recently I saw info on the net about sign writng and forwarded the info to my friend Julie in Peru.  She came back to California for a visit and got the computer program and other "stuff",  so now I have become interested in sign writing again.  Two years ago my husband and  I went to Peru and met many Deaf people and visited the Lima area.  We are planning on going again in 2000.  Cant wait  !!! 
I have been involved with Deaf persons and Sign language since I was a teenager, then after graduating from high school went to college for interpreter training--and havent stopped since.  I am nationally certified and  work as a freelance-private practice (whatever term you want to use) interpreter.  I mostly work in medical--mental health settings, some Deaf/Blind and some Oral translating too.  For about 18 years I have also done religious interpreting in our congregation.
I am married to a real nice guy named Mike.  I have 3 neat step sons too.  Got married and had kids the same day  !!!   One cranky cat and a sweet little beagle dog.  We live in a small town in New Hampshire. 
Well--guess that is enough for now !
Caroline Davis Hines

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