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From:  Rukhsana
Date:  Wed Oct 20, 1999  6:20 pm
Subject:  Re: number of spoken and SLs

Hi All,

It is wonderful to read about all the interesting work that is being
carried out on Sign Language in different countries.Thanks to the
Internet and people like Valerie Sutton that we can exchange

Let me tell you about the work that we are doing in our school.
(I am the principal of this school)

ABSA-School For The Deaf, Karachi,Pakistan is the pioneer of research
and documentation of Pakistan's Sign Language. It was foremost in
printing and publishing Pakistan's first Sign Language Dictionary,
followed by four booklets namely:
Relationships In Sign Language
Numericals In Sign Language
Time and Seasons In Sign Language
Anatomy in Sign Language.

This year ABSA has published a story book in signed Urdu
(Pakistan's national language). The first of it's kind in this area,
that is ,South East Asia and the Pacific region.

Presently there are 348 students, and classes from nursery .In the final
year the students sit for the matriculation exam(that is the tenth
grade).Apart from academics the students get training in various
vocations like tailoring,embroidery, wood work,art,computers etc.

ABSA is a welfare institute with no grants from the government.We depend
on donations and GOD,and thats how we have been surviving for over
35 years.
So much for now.
Take care.

Rukhsana Ahsan.

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