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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Oct 17, 1999  2:37 pm
Subject:  Changes to the SW List?

Sunday, October 17, 1999

Good Morning Everyone!
I opened my email box this Sunday morning, to two messages written in
German! I read them and enjoyed them :-)

Of course I know that those were supposed to be private messages - that
happens sometimes - the Reply Button is just so easy to push!

But this does bring up two questions that I have been meaning to ask all of
you anyway....

1. The SW List is only in English right now. Recently, someone wrote to
ask if they could post messages in Portuguese, and I felt a little badly,
but I said "no", assuming that it would be annoying to those who cannot
read Portuguese. Do all of you want the SW List to be "English only"? How
do you feel about that?

2. A long time ago, Paul Cowley was kind enough to setup another SW List
that could accept attached files. If a person has an older computer, and
cannot receive attached files, they would not be able to join such a list.
The present SignWriting List is on LISTSERVE. The new list, that can accept
attached files, is not.

So the question many of you would like to switch to a SW List that
can accept attached files? That would mean that we could be sending
SignWriting messages to each other, attached to our email messages, either
as .gif or .jpegs, or files typed with the SignWriter Computer Program too.
Our email would become more of a "visual experience", as well as a verbal

This would lead to complete email messages written in a signed language
someday. After all, if we can type messages in German or Portuguese, why
not a signed language?

The one thing is...I don't want to manage TWO SignWriting Lists - I am sure
you can understand why! So if we ALL vote to move to a list that can accept
attached files, then I will talk to Paul Cowley about switching us over

How do you all feel about these two issues?...

In am happy either way :-)

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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