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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Oct 23, 1999  12:24 am
Subject:  Re: Receiving attachments.....

>At the moment, I'm using Juno and cannot accept attachements. However, I
>am trying to sign up with a new ISP but am currently having problems
>getting connected.

>Till then,
>Jean Johnson


Thanks so much for writing, Jean. I know that you cannot accept
attachments. You are the only person on the SW List who has told me this in
the past. So if you are the only person, then I would like to ask a

When someone has sent attached files to the SW List in the past...what
happened on your computer? Did you have a big crash? or was it simply that
you could not read the attachment, and were "left out"?

If it is the latter, then I feel we could start sending attachments to the
SW List, if you don't mind. Then later, when you switch over, you can
participate more, but you will still be getting the English
you will be getting a lot of it anyway.

So please write again to tell me your circumstances...have you had crashes
from attachments?

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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