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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Oct 25, 1999  1:40 pm
Subject:  still working on next posting, etc...

October 25, 1999

Hello Everyone!
All your feedback is so terrific...thank you!

Just want you to know that I am still working on the posting of Amy
Rosenberg's thesis. Creating a web posting of an entire thesis with lots of
diagrams is complex at best...lots of pages, lots of links, lots of
scanning of diagrams, and then cleaning them...the SW diagrams are easy in
comparison to some of the other diagrams in the thesis. But I will get we must wait for the author's approval before I announce it may be a couple of days. But it is a great thesis! I am honored
to have it on our web site :-)

I do have some news...

Ireland's dictionary written in SignWriting, along with life-like
illustrations, is coming along apparently...I just heard from the
Linguistics Institute in Ireland about it.

A chapter about SignWriting is written in Dutch, in a new book that was
just sent to me from the Netherlands. I am waiting for approval to post the
Dutch chapter, with an English translation.

And Alexandra Han has submitted a new article about SignWriting to the
editors at Silent News. We have no idea when it will be published, but we
will keep you posted!

Have a great Monday!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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