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From:  Stuart Thiessen
Date:  Tue Oct 26, 1999  4:35 am
Subject:  Re: Perhaps small .GIF's are best?

Yes, that will work fine. Actually, I have switched to Linux now because
I enjoy the programming environment on a Linux machine better. I might be
able to do something with the DOS emulation with Linux but have had no
time to play with that since that (unfortunately) is quite low on my
priority list in comparison with other things now.

But GIF should work on any operating system and any browser I should
think, so that would be the most friendly format -- compared to .SGN at
any rate for now. (SMILE)

I do have SignWriter set up at work right now on a Win95 machine, but I
wasn't sure what others thought about having alternatives so people in my
minority situation wouldn't have to run to work or find another machine to
bring up SGN files. It's probably no different than typing a translation
of what you already typed in another language (SMILE).


On Mon, 25 Oct 1999, Valerie Sutton wrote:

> I want everyone to be happy I hope we can find solutions...would
> small .GIF's be better for you, Stuart? Like the ones Angus and I sent
> today?
> Val ;-)

Stuart Thiessen
Des Moines, IA

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