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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Oct 26, 1999  1:31 am
Subject:  Perhaps small .GIF's are best?

>Just a quick thought. For some (and undoubtedly I'm in the minority
>here), we may not have direct access to a SignWriter program to see it for
>one reason or another. Could .SGN files be saved in an alternative format
>as well? Or maybe when the archives are figured out, the
>attachment could be converted?? By alternative, I mean GIF, JPEG, PDF,
>whatever will work. Stuart


Hello Stuart and Everyone!
I only wish SignWriter 4.3 could convert files automatically to .GIFs!
Wouldn't that be great!!

I think I know what you are saying ...even though anyone can download
SignWriter Shareware for free from our web site, you are using Windows NT,
which accesses the low-level memory in MS-DOS to run...and meanwhile our
SignWriter Shareware also needs the low-level memory to function, and so
even though SignWriter is a small program, it cannot run on Windows NT
because the memory is "in use". It is SO frustrating! And that means you
are not able to open our .SGN, .DIC or .DIN files. What a shame!

Although in time, even with a beta test version of SignWriter 5.0, you will
be able to open files then, it still isn't ready so we do need to find a
compromise right now...

Right now, I make .GIFs by typing in SignWriter 4.3. Then I create a screen
capture of the sign or signs I want to capture. That creates a graphics
file. Then I open the graphics file in Photoshop, and I "invert it",
getting rid of the black background, and convert it to .GIF. I always use
the "web" mode for making .GIFs, because I sometimes need diagrams for the
web later anyway.

One thing on my mind...there is something about the .GIF's appearing
"inside the email messages" that I find so exciting - it is really like
having an email message truly typed in SignWriting...the SignWriter Files,
such as .SGN, are something separate that have to be "opened" outside of
your email message, but the .GIFs are so "immediate"...

So I have decided that for now, I personally will only send very small .GIF
files to the SW List, to see if that would bring "SignWriting into email"
without all of the other problems mentioned above.

And anyone on DIGEST form can change to NO MAIL form, to access the
messages on the web without being overwhelmed by attachments -

I want everyone to be happy I hope we can find solutions...would
small .GIF's be better for you, Stuart? Like the ones Angus and I sent

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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