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From:  Wayne in Maine
Date:  Wed Oct 27, 1999  10:11 am
Subject:  Attachments with Netscape and Hotmail

Valerie wrote:
>Does anyone else have instructions for Netscape, or Microsoft Outlook
>Express, or Hotmail?

This seems to be a question for me. I don't know the technical stuff,
but I use Netscape and get most of my e-mail through Hotmail. When Angus
sent his .gif file, it came out perfect included at the end of his message.
His .sgn file I had to download and save and later open through SW.
Lourdes' subsequent correction of the sign SEND-SEND-SEND also came through
Valerie, can you remind me exactly how to convert a SW .sgn file to a
.gif file? I don't have PhotoShop. I have PhotoDeluxe and the Chinese
equivalent of Paint. Thanks!
- Wayne

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2121 Creating .GIF Files Valerie Sutton Wed  10/27/1999

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