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From:  Bill Reese
Date:  Wed Oct 27, 1999  3:31 pm
Subject:  Re: Changes in the SW List!

I copied Stefan and Susanne's German text, pasted in Altavista's online
translator and got a patchy translation, but it was enough to understand what
was being said. There are a couple of online translators that you can use to
do that. There's even a Morse code site for those so interested. We can't do
Chinese or Japanese characters that way (although there is a way for those
interested), or Russian or Arabic (although there is a way), but with languages
using Roman characters it's as easy as cut and paste.

Here are the language translators I use:

Morse code:

An English-Russian translator (notice that you really can't cut and paste the

Bill Reese

Mark Penner wrote:

> At 14:09 10/22/1999 -0400, you wrote:
> > On Fri, 22 Oct 1999, Valerie Sutton wrote:
> >
> > > Yes - exactly! English would remain the main language of the SW List,
> > > but translations into other languages could be added to the messages
> > > at the end if they wish....
> >
> > This is fine, but no one will do it. As a trained translator, I
> You're right, Angus, it just won't happen. I'm not sure we English speakers
> really need to know every little thing that's going on. Its a simple
> delete, and if something really significant comes up, someone will
> eventually translate it for the rest of us. Being able to converse freely
> in their own native (or in the case of the Deaf, second) langauge will only
> stimulate the spread of SignWriting, and need not bother the rest of us who
> can't understand.
> Personally, I was delighted to see German pop up on my screen the other
> day. I only know enough to know that it was German, but it felt good
> somehow to see something going on that was totally beyond my understanding
> and control. When people want to communicate to the large audience, they
> will take the time and trouble to do so in English--the stuff that's only
> of interest to that portion of our list might take place in another
> language. I say let it.
> Mark
> Mark Penner
> Tokyo, Japan

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