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From:  Jerry Spillman
Date:  Wed Oct 27, 1999  6:35 pm
Subject:  Re: Creating .GIF Files

Dear Valerie, Wayne in Maine, and List,

Here is how I make .gif images for use on the SignBible website:

1. I open SignWriter 4.3, which begins to run as DOS program. I press
alt-enter to place SignWriter "in a window" so that I can operate upon
it with Windows software.
2. I open Paintshop Pro (any program with a screen capture feature will
work), set it to "begin capture", which is set up for the right mouse or
f12 button. This switches you back to the DOS window containing
3. I open the file in SignWriter that I want to make an image of
4. I move the cursor to an open position where I can paint it out if
5. I press the right mouse or f-12 to make capture.
6. Switch back to Paintshop Pro, where captured screen is visible.
7. I crop the image to a 640 x 370 size. (From SignWriter, this makes a
3 row image).
8. I reduce the colors to two colors. This makes about a 30k image.
9. I save the image as a .gif.
10. Touch up the .gif image as necessary to display.
I repeat steps 4-9 as often as necessary to build a set of .gif images,
then display them inline using an html web page. It looks just like
signwriting from SignWriter except for a break each 3 rows. If you
insert one more step after 8, you can make the images black on white by
"inverting" the image (some programs just call this negative image).


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